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SustainaBLAH NZ

100% Cotton Washable Panty Liner - SustainaBLAH

100% Cotton Washable Panty Liner - SustainaBLAH

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With the Washable Panty Liner from SustainaBLAH, you can take care of your intimate hygiene, as well as planet Earth!  Made in New Zealand with 100% natural fibres - cotton and bamboo - this product ensures that you feel comfy throughout the day whilst eliminating any nasty odours.  The soft material is gentle on your delicate skin, without causing irritation of any kind.

The panty liner is washable, so there is absolutely no need to dispose of it every day.  Soak the used liner in warm water and what it to get a fresh new pad!

A huge number of the panty liners that are readily available in the market end up in the trash.  With this vicious process, the waste production of the world keeps going up, without any viable solution available.  Our reusable liners are a great way to combat this particular issue.  With our product, you won't be contributing to the ever-increasing amount of waste, rather you will be able to reuse the liner multiple times.  Since they are easy to clean, you won't ever have to compromise on your hygiene.

Buying a new liner every day would cost you a fortune, but when you switch to our sustainable option, one panty liner would stick by your side for the longest time.  This small step is not only beneficial for the environment, but it's also easier on your pocket.

So, order your eco-friendly panty liner today!

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