How do I use the safety razors?

As far as the shaving aspect goes! Don’t overthink it, it’s not much different to a normal razor shave just a slightly closer finish!

But.. Firstly you need to pop the blade in! So unscrew the bottom of the handle and it opens up the top holding plate for the double edged blade to sit! Pop the blade in and screw the bottom back up tight making sure there is no looseness in the blade. They fall in nice and easily as long as the blade isn’t bent out of shape.

Now I won’t tell you how to do the rest of your shaving routine… (Although, washing your face and using a good lubricant does help to avoid the dreaded rash/outbreak afterwards)

The standard angle of a safety razor to the skin is 30-45 degrees and the rest is pretty straight forward (unless its your first shave and you’re 10 years old and you’re home alone looking through dads stuff in the bathroom……… Oh… Ahh, where was I)

No more shaving tips from me… (a good moisturizer post shave is a great tip though in case you didn’t know)..

Shave with the grain and then against if you want that really extra smooth feel.

How do I dispose of the blades?

Ah, yes. Great question! A dull blade which is no longer giving you a close shave is still a very dangerous item.

The best thing for this (in a very SustainaBLAH way) would be to upcycle an old tin or can - turn it into a piggy bank for old blades ideally with a slot in the top - Keep it safe and away from those small vulnerable creatures (much like you would do with a razor) and mark it clearly what the tin is for. Once you are happy with the amount of razors you have collected take it to a scrap metal merchant - They must not be disposed of in general waste or council recycling bins mainly for the sake of the people involved in handling the waste and recycling (aside from the environmental reasons)

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