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SustainaBLAH NZ

SustainaBLAH 'Unpaper Towels' - Washable Kitchen Towels

SustainaBLAH 'Unpaper Towels' - Washable Kitchen Towels

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While your regular kitchen rolls last just a few days, here we have something that is not just durable, but also beneficial for the environment.  Let us present to you the 'Unpaper Towel' - a collection of washable kitchen towels from SustainaBLAH.  These beauties are made in New Zealand, with loads of love woven carefully into each piece.  Crafted with 100% cotton flannelette, these towels are comfy and soft.  The superior material renders a great absorbent power, making them perfect companions for a busy kitchen.

You can wash the towel with water and reuse it at your convenience.  When you switch to this one, there's no need to plague the environment by throwing more and more waste kitchen rolls into the trash.  This simple yet effective solution will help you transition into a zero-waste life.

Switch to the eco-friendly alternative offered by SustainaBLAH and reduce the amount of waste production.  This small step might help us in achieving our dream of a cleaner and greener planet - so come forward and join the tribe today.

Get your hands on the NZ Made washable 'Unpaper Towel' today!

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