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SustainaBLAH NZ

SustainaBLAH NZ Made Reusable String Shopping Bag - Black Sea

SustainaBLAH NZ Made Reusable String Shopping Bag - Black Sea

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Ditch the plastic carry bags and make an eco-friendly choice with the Reusable String Shopping Bag from SustainaBLAH.  The beautiful blue, purple and black colours of this range infuse a sophisticated grandeur ot the piece, while the minimal design highlights its usability.  A perfect companion for your trip to the market, this bag has an enormous capacity to hold a bunch of things 0 much like Mary Poppins' bag!

Crafted with pure 100% cotton, this New Zealand made reusable bag is sturdy enough to stick by you for a long time.  Be it grocery shopping, or a trip to the beach, this cute bag is your constant companion.  It's classy, elegant and Earth-friendly - what more could one ask for!

The habit of carrying along a bag of your own will help you in your journey towards zero-waste.  At a time when managing the vast amount of waste thrown into the face of the Earth seems like a near impossible task, a tiny step like this one can have a great impact. 

So embrace the eco-conscious world of SustainaBLAH and make this reusable String Shopping Bag yours today!

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