Our top 6 beauty products on a mission to save the planet

Our top 6 beauty products on a mission to save the planet

Here at SustainaBLAH, we love nothing more than a beauty product that does its bit to make the earth more beautiful, too.  So we’ve gathered together some of our favourite sustainable sisters, for this list of our top six eco-friendly beauty and lifestyle products. 

Find out how these brands are working hard to leave the ladies of the world looking and feeling amazing - and that includes you, Mother Earth.


  1. Ethique natural beauty bars

Ethique’s gorgeous range is taking the beauty world by storm. We love that their hair, face, and body products all use as little waste possible - with not a piece of plastic in sight. So far, Ethique has stopped about 4.3million plastic bottles from hitting the world’s landfills. For a company that started in a humble Kiwi kitchen, that’s a pretty epic achievement. 


Ethique NZ

  1. CaliWoods

Another Kiwi company absolutely killing it, CaliWoods is on a mission to help New Zealanders live with less waste. Their lifestyle range covers everything from reusable straws to beeswax wraps, and their bundles are a super handy and cost-effective way to reduce your home’s waste room by room.

Caliwoods Stainless Steel Straws NZ
  1. Plantae skincare

Plantae prides itself on being #authenticallybeautiful, and New Zealand’s purest skincare range. The company believes that high-quality, organic products should be accessible to everyone - and every stage of their manufacturing process is carefully considered with the environment in mind. 


Plantae Skincare NZ

  1. Bodecare hair brushes

Bodecare (pronounced body-care) has a brush for every part of your body - from the top of your head, to the tips of your nails. Their dry body brushes are known to improve circulation, reduce ingrown hairs, and release toxins, not to mention giving your body a good old-fashioned exfoliate. Best of all, they’re an eco-focused, vegan-friendly company - and all their products are toxin-free.

Bodecare Body Brush NZ

  1. Maiden Masque

Maiden Masque is another Kiwi special on our list. It’s a deeply nourishing and hydrating hair mask, that doubles as an ocean-lovers dream. 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and New Zealand-made, Maiden Masque donates $1 for every recyclable glass bottle purchased to Sea Shepherd - an organisation dedicated to protecting the ocean’s wildlife. Nice one, Maiden Masque.


Maiden Masque NZ

  1. SustainaBLAH eco friendly razors

And lastly, it’d be a little rude not to mention one of our own SustainaBLAH specialties. Our stainless steel razors won’t just get your shower looking slick, they’ll also get rid of yet another source of nasty plastic. Combined with Ethique’s beauty bars, these safety razors could help make your bathroom a totally plastic-free zone. And we think that’s something worth celebrating.


There are hundreds of other amazing products that easily could’ve been on this list. And if there were a hundred hours in a day, we would’ve loved to have included every one of them! Did we miss any of your favourites? Let us know.

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